Many Questions are Answered on this Site

Be sure and explore all the information available on this site listed under the other links before subitting questions to our office.  90% of all the questions we receive are answered on this site.  An additional resourse is the book "Healing Life's Hurts" which can be ordered in the On-Line Store or you can also download the first three chapters FREE.

Another great source of information is located as a sublink under the General Information Link entitled "Smith's Response to Critic's Concerns.
For a full understanding of this ministry you are encouraged to complete the Basic Training available.
What does a person need to do to get started in training?

Why has the Basic Seminar manual gone through several revisions?

Why does this ministry charge for the training It offers? Doesn't the Bible say,
"Freely you have received, freely give..." (Matt. 10:7-10)?

Should mental health professionals utilize TPM before empirical evidence is available?

Is there a summary of what a ministry session should look like?

Bible Basis and Theology

What is your personal statement of faith?

Is TPM based upon Biblical principles?


Is TPM a form of Deliverance Ministry?


Where can I go for a unbiased critical review of this mininstry?

Is TPM just another form of "inner healing" or "healing of the healing of memories?

Is this ministry approach guaranteed to TPM work for everyone?

What can you say about the thousands of other websites using TPM?

Specific Areas of Application

Can TPM be helpful when working with people who report SRA memory?

Is TPM similar to Recovered Memory Therapy?

Is TPM similar to Exposure Therapy?

Should non-professionals use this method of ministry?

What are the limits of TPM?

How can one know that Theophostic Prayer Ministry produces true mind renewal and lasting transformation?

Is this ministry approach guaranteed to work for everyone?



Technical Questions About TPM 

Other helpful links:
Guidelines for Theophostic Prayer Ministry
A basic overview of what should happen in a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session.

Healing Life's Deepest Hurts
An introduction to Theophostic Prayer that gives a general overview of the basic principles and practices of this ministry.

Research Findings about Theophostic Ministry
All the current research that has been done to establish the efficasy of
Theophostic Prayer.