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Why Join the IATM?

The International Association for Theophostic Ministry

People in over 160 countries are using Theophostic Prayer Ministry as a tool to bring the peace of Christ to emotionally hurting people around the world. You can become a part of a community of ministers who share a like minded approach to ministry and participate in networking, supporting and encouraging one another. 

On the "member's only" website you will be able to network and build relationships with others. People from all parts of the world network on the site for the purpose of growing their ministries and encouraging one another to apply the principles accurately and with excellence.

Each member has his or her own profile page where he or she can showcase their personal ministry setting, post pictures, video, BLOG, participate in CHAT rooms and discussion forums and more...

  Sixteen Reasons for becoming a member of the
International Association for Theophostic Ministry!


1. PARTICIPATE in LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST with DR. ED - Dr. Ed will host "live" interviews, Q & A sessions, and topic discussions where members can listen in by way of computer by On-Line live video broadcasts.

2. C
This certificate (suitable for framing) identifies your affiliation with thousands of others who are using Theophostic Prayer Ministry around the world.

The "member's only" part of the website is similar to "Face Book" or "My Space" but only with more features.  It is chocked full of exciting features that allow members to contact and network with other TPM users from around the world.

4. PARTICIPATE IN ON-LINE GROUPS, DISCUSSION FORUMS and CHAT ROOMS focused on areas of interest such as dealing with dissociation, working with children, demonization, SRA, or form local TPM support groups in your city or region, etcBuild relationships with other members  from all around the world. 

on the IATM social network site. Share your pictures, videos, music and more with others in the TPM community.
6. HAVE ACCESS TO ADDITIONAL TRAINING RESOURCES in the continuing education portion of the site. Access the AUDIO Question/Answer section that covers the entire Basic Training Manual (search the Basic Training Manual for an Audible answer from Dr. Ed), use the Excell Memorization System (Amazingly fast way to memorize scripture developed by Dr. Ed Smith), access over 70 pages (and growing) of responses by Dr. Ed to critical issues, get a first hand look at the latest training developments, listen to the audio version of "You Asked" questions answered by Dr. Ed, search the archived articles from IATM Journals, and more.

7. ATTEND LIVE SEMINARS and WEBINARS by way of your computer.  Dr. Ed is planning on providing LIVE seminars by way of the Internet to IATM members. (This will have an additional pay-to-view service charge but discounted to IATM members.)

8. BUILD A MINISTRY REFERRAL BASE with others who are doing TPM "by the book." Be able to identify quickly whether the ministry facilitator is maintaining the guidelines, the level of his or her training and how many sessions he or she has performed.
9.  SHARE AND PROMOTE YOUR PERSONAL MINISTRY SETTING. Inform other members about what the Lord is doing in and through your ministry in your part of the world. Discover what God is doing in other member's ministry settings as well.


11. ON GOING CONTACT FROM THE TPM FOUNDER DR. ED SMITH. Dr. Ed will be in regular contact with the IATM members through the IATM chat room, discussion forums, weekly blogs and updates, etc. through the community networking portion of the IATM website.

12. MEMBERS DISCOUNTS - Members will receive unadvertised special discounts off products offered on this site. Plus, discounts on various live training seminars and on training materials offered at IATM conferences and at other times of the year. Most members more than pay for their yearly dues with the savings realized on registration and discounted training materials.

Dr. Smith personally answers a portion of the many questions that he receives through e-mails and then posts his responses in the "You Asked" section of the site. You will read his current thinking on many different issues on a regular basis plus have access to the archives of earlier posts.   

14. LIVE MINISTRY SESSION LIBRARY   A library of live ministry session clips demonstrating different aspects of doing the ministry will become available for member's only. (Being developed now.)

15. TPM AROUND the WORLD UPDATES! International uses of TPM are encouraged to post their stories and pictures for all to read.

16. MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY - Optional listing in a searchable public directory or a private "member's only" directory.

Watch for even more benefits to come.



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