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Theophostic Prayer Ministry
Training Seminars Coming Soon!
Near Austria, Germany, and Switzerland!
May 2012

Presented By Dr. Ed Smith

   Join us at the
   border of Austria,
   Germany, Switzerland!
   Register Now!

Dr. Ed Smith, the founder of Theophostic Prayer Ministry, will personally
present these two seminars at the border of Austria, Germany and Switzerland!

   "Introduction to Theophostic Prayer Ministryā€¯

   Join other pastors, church leaders, and Christian mental health
   professionals in your area, as you learn, first hand, how to develop an
   effective ministry for helping emotionally wounded people!

   - Discover the basic principles of Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM).

   - Have your questions and comments personally addressed by
   Dr. Ed M. Smith, the founder of Theophostic Prayer Ministry.

   - See the process demonstrated in a live ministry session facilitated
   by Dr. Smith.

   - Receive a step-by-step plan for how to train a ministry team in your

   - Have opportunities to network with churches in your area that are
   using Theophostic Prayer.

   - Find helpful strategies for addressing emotional pain, phobias,
   marital issues, traumatic memories, sexual abuse, grief, and much more.

Thursday, 17 May - Sunday, 20 May

Salvatorkolleg Lochau-Hoerbranz
Lochauer Str. 107
A-6912 Hoerbranz

Intro Seminar - 120 Euros

   "Dealing with Difficult Cases"

   This seminar is an advanced level training and is primarily designed
   for those who have already completed the Theophostic Prayer Ministry
   Basic Training, but people attending the Introductory Seminar are
   welcome to attend.

   - Learn how to work with dissociation (D.I.D.)

   - Discover the two primary issues ministry facilitators often face.

   - Discover the two categories of core belief and how to better identify
   them in a session.

   - Learn to minister with children.

   - Learn to minister with people in present crisis and trauma.

   - Learn the latest instruction on dealing with demons from a
   post-resurrection perspective.

   - Learn new ways to identify lie-based core belief.

   - Learn to deal with pain-managing behaviors such as: eating disorders,
   panic disorders, phobias, obsessive/ compulsive behaviors, addictive
   disorders, more.

Monday, 21 May - Wednesday, 23 May

Salvatorkolleg Lochau-Hoerbranz
Lochauer Str. 107
A-6912 Hoerbranz

Intro Seminar - 90 Euros

Lodging and meals:
Single room:  51 Euros / day
Double room: 47 Euros / day
Multi-bed room: 43 Euros / day
Private lodging is available in Hoerbranz,
Lochau, Bregenz, and Lindau.

For More Information and Registration:

Phone: 0(043) 5573 82112 17

Fr. Walter Winopal:
Phone: 0(043) 5573 82112 21

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