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TPM Facilitator Evaluation Program

Welcome to the TPM Facilitator
Evaluation Program!

What is the Facilitator Evaluation Program?

This new training program provides the ministry facilitator the opportunity to have his or her ministry facilitation skills evaluated and critiqued by Dr. Ed Smith - the founder of Theophostic Prayer Ministry and/or by his son Joshua Smith- by way of a video recording.

The process is simple; the participant will record his or herself facilitating a ministry session, submit the recording for review, and then receive a video response in the form of a DVD!

This DVD will contain tips, pointers, and suggestions from Dr. Ed and Joshua that are tailored to the participant's submitted recording that will aid them on their journey to becoming an exceptional ministry facilitator!

The evaluation should raise the facilitator's expertise, fine tune their training, troubleshoot problem areas, and they will benefit from years of experience from the founder and his son!

A limited number of evaluations are available and this service is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Act now!


Ready to get started? The evaluation process is simple:


  • Purchase the "TPM Facilitator Evaluation Program" product from the online store.

Go to the online store (a link to the store can be found below) and purchase the product named "TPM Facilitator Evaluation Program." This step must be completed before your recorded ministry session will be evaluated. This service is available on a "first-come-first-served" basis and is being offered for a limited time.

Before you place your order, please review this page in its entirety. The information that follows is vitally important to understanding the process.


  • Record yourself facilitating a TPM session.

IMPORTANT: The video recording will need to be of yourself; NOT of the ministry recipient! Here are some helpful tips for when you are ready to record yourself:

·Be sure to angle the camera towards yourself and position it close enough to clearly record your voice and the voice of the recipient.

·Before the actual session begins, test your camera settings by recording a few minutes, talking at different volume levels (some people talk very softly), and playing it back. Your recording can not be evaluated if we cannot hear you or the recipient.

·Try to keep the recorded session within an hour in length. However, do not attempt to edit or "clean it up” before submitting it.

·Avoid selecting an "easy" session. The more "difficult” your case is, the more beneficial your evaluation will likely be for you.

·You can use a wide array of recording media. We can accept recording on Mini-DV, Super-8, VHS, SD Card, Flash drive, Mini-SD, DVD, and Mini-DVD. (If your type of media is not listed here, please contact us before attempting to record a ministry session)


  • Print out and complete the "TPM Facilitator Profile" Form (found below).

Complete all items on the form to the best of your knowledge. This information will aid us in tailoring the evaluation to your specific case.

NOTE: be sure to inform the recipient of the ministry session of the intended purpose of the session and obtain written permission to record the session. You may assure the recipient that no one other than Dr. Ed Smith and Joshua Smith will view the recording.


  • Submit your recorded session and TPM Facilitator Profile Form.

Mail your completed TPM Facilitator Profile with your recorded ministry session to the TPM offices. Upon receiving these items, we will then confirm that you have purchased the "TPM Facilitator Evaluation Program" product (mentioned above) and begin to evaluate your recorded session. We will spend several hours going through your session.

What will your critique look like?

Once your session has been completely reviewed and evaluated, we will compile a DVD to send back to you. This DVD will contain the originally recorded session along with our commentary. We will evaluate your session line-by-line, looking for any trouble spots, making suggestions, comments, and instruction via video recording. You will then have a handy reference to review over and over making necessary adjustments to your future ministry sessions.

Download the "TPM Facilitator Profile" Form HERE (Download and Print)


Purchase the "TPM Facilitator Evaluation Program" Product HERE



What is the cost of receiving this evaluation?
Dr. Ed Smith and his team will invest several hours in evaluating your session. And for a limited time (60 days) we are offering this unique training experience for $199.00 (33% OFF of the future price of $299.00). This introductory offer will expire and the cost of this service will increase in the future. So act now!


Will I have the opportunity to respond back to Dr. Ed with any questions or concerns that I may have concerning the evaluation?
Yes. You will be allowed up to three follow up emails that will be personally addressed by either Dr. Ed or Joshua Smith.


Will I be allowed to send in a second recorded session at a later date to see how I have improved?
If this training is still being offered at that time, you are free to complete each of the steps mentioned above (purchase the product from the online store, fill out a facilitator profile form, record yourself facilitating a ministry session, and mail these items to our offices) and receive an evaluation. Remember, however, that your second submission will be evaluated on the same "first-come-first-served" basis as your initial submission. As a bonus you will be offered an additional 20% off your fee.  You will need to contact the TPM office for this discount (1-270-465-3757).


Where do I send my video recording?
Once you have purchased the "TPM Facilitator Evaluation Program" from the online store, recorded your ministry session, and completed the "TPM Facilitator Profile" form, simply send your recorded session and the profile form to:

Theophostic Prayer Ministry,
P.O. Box 489, Campbellsville, KY 42719

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