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Pastor and Church Leader Ministry Outcomes Survey

Pastor and Church Leader Ministry Outcomes Survey

In November of 2006, a simple survey was taken from 151 pastors and other church leaders who had attended the TPM Convention in Orlando who said they were actively using TPM. Many different denominations were represented in this group to include; Baptist, Assembly of God, Episcopal, Lutheran, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Catholic, Vineyard, Christian Church, Evangelical Free Church, Presbyterian, Church of England, Non-denominational and others. In comparison to the first survey mentioned where no experience was assumed by the participants, all in this group had some experience in using TPM. However, this survey did not attempt to qualify the expertise or skill level of the individual or even if he or she was doing the ministry correctly. What follows is a summary of some of the question responses.

- Of the 151 surveyed 91% had been using TPM for over one year. 47% had used TPM for more than five years. Only about 8% had been using it less than a year. This suggests that some of these people where probably seasoned users.

- 96% reported having "highly effective to effective" outcomes.

- 88% reported TPM to be more effective than any other approach they had used in helping people emotionally. Another 10% reported TPM to be at least as effective as other approaches. The remaining percentage reported "no answer" to this question.

- 20% said that every person with whom they had offered ministry reported complete resolution of all emotional pain in the specific memory in which they had applied ministry. 72% reported this occurring most of the time. 23% reported complete resolution 50% of the time. 6% reported this occurred now and then. There was a combined 92% reporting complete resolution at least 50% of the time.

- 38% reported what they believed was genuine life transformation in all of the people with whom they had ministered. 90% reported that they had witnessed what they believed was genuine life transformation in most of their ministry sessions. Only one person reported no noticeable transformation in any of his cases. One of the tests of genuine mind renewal is life transformation. "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind…" (Rom. 12:2).

- 93% reported seeing what they believed to be genuine spiritual growth as an outcome of the ministry.

- 98% of the pastors and leaders stated that they had personally benefited from having received ministry themselves.

- 95% of the pastors said that the training in TPM has positively impacted their preaching in various ways.

- 93% said that TPM has become a significant tool that they use in ministry.

- Nearly 85% said that they were able to integrate the core teaching of TPM without any problem. 13% said that they had had some theological issue. What is interesting with the responses to this question is the fact that though there was some theological issue with TPM, 100% of those surveyed said that they recommend TPM to others, 98% personally benefited from it, 96% found highly effective outcomes, 90% reported life transformation in the people who had received ministry, and 96% said that people came to complete resolution at least 50% of the time! It appears that even with the diverse theological differences represented in this cross cut sampling of ministers in the Body of Christ, there is a unity that is grounded in the centrality of Christ as is foundational in this ministry approach.

- 100% of everyone surveyed said that they recommend TPM to others.

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