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Public Membership Directory


International Association for Theophostic Prayer
READ THIS before you use this directory.

No person listed in this directory is approved, certified or qualified by this ministry to provide Theophostic Prayer.  That is not to say that the people in this directory are not providing quality ministry and following protocol for applying Theophostic Prayer Ministry for indeed they may.  It simply means that their being a member of IATM does not provide any assurance of their ministry expertise. Please go to the link "Receiving Personal Ministry" and read the guidelines for seeking personal ministry before contacting any person in this directory.

This is not a total directory of the IATM membership but only a partial listing of those members who have opted to make their contact information available to the general public.  The full directory is only open to members of the association. (Click here to learn more about membership.)

HELPFUL HINT: To locate people in the directory check the fields (blank boxes) below to determine your search criteria.  It is best to keep your initial search down to 1-3 criteria choices.  For example to search for members in the state of Florida who are pastors you would go to the field titled "State" and enter "Florida" and select "pastor" in the "Ministry Type" field.   You will then find all people in the state of Florida who are listed as pastors. 

You can limit or expand your search based on any of the fields listed below.  Please read through all of the field options before you begin your search.  For example, if you want to identify only people who claim to be using a "pure" form of Theophostic Prayer this is an option listed.

The more fields that you select the more limited and narrow your search results will be.  You may choose to broaden your initial search to a couple of fields such as "zip code" or "state" and then narrow down the results you obtain.
PLEASE READ THE SECTION "RECEIVING PERSONAL MINISTRY" before contacting any person about receiving prayer.

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