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Healing of memories?

Is TPM just another form of "inner healing" or "healing of the memories?"

In true mind renewal, memories are not changed or healed.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry teaches that memories themselves do not need to be healed. Memories are merely container of information. Memories contain information about what is assumed or believed happened, interpretations of that information, sometimes misinformation, some truth and oftentimes lies. Lies believed in a memory will produce negative emotions in the memory container that can be translated out into the present situation. Some people have attempted to resolve lie-based pain found in memories by restructuring the memory with guided imagery and visualization. Doing this is bad therapy. The lie-based beliefs contained within the memories is what need to be changed and not the memory itself. Changing memory content would be implanting information that would be inherently "false." This is not to say that when people suggest visual images in a person's mind they are seeking to put "truth pictures" in place. For example, a well meaning counselor might ask the person to envision himself walking away from his abuser and embracing Jesus. Though in principle this may be the very thing the person is choosing to do, but it is not what happened in the actual event. Therefore, even though the picture is truthful in intent it is not the truth of what happened. TPM does not believe that truth comes by trying to change what cannot be changed (memory). TPM would never do this. TPM focuses on the lies the person is holding in the context of the memory event. Once the lies are identified and exposed, the person may be in a position to receive truth from the Holy Spirit. Once the lies are replaced by truth, memories will become peaceful. Peace follows truth in the same way that pain follows lies.

"Why not just give the person the truth by telling them what God's Word says about the lies they believe."
Some ask; "why not just give the person the truth by telling them what God's Word says about the lies they believe." This has its place in the appropriate context. This is called teaching, admonishing, discipleship, etc. TPM does not attempt to replace this biblical mandate (Matt. 28:20). However, in a TPM session the goal is to encourage the person to connect with the presence of Christ and allow His truth to experientially resolve the lies. Maybe re-examine the ministry sessions where you have taught or spoken the truth directly to the person who was in deep emotional pain. Did what you spoke bring about complete resolution of the pain in that moment? Did they connect with the presence of Christ and move into complete resolution of ALL pain in the painful memory? TPM has discovered that there is a "season for everything" and there is "a time to speak and a time to be silent…" (Ecc. 3:7). If you have success in talking people out of the experiential lies they believe, rejoice! If this has not always succeeded you may try allowing the Lord to communicate with them directly by way of the Holy Spirit; heart to heart. Both practices have a place in the bigger picture of Christian growth and maturity.

Acting our way into a new way of feeling doesnot work.
In many cases where a counselor or minister speaks the truth to the person in pain, it is then left on the person to make something happen. They are usually encouraged to "claim it", "act their way into a new way of feeling," "deny what they feel and walk by faith," or some other self accomplished act. TPM assumes that God wants us free from all lie based thinking. It assumes that pain in memory is rooted in lies. It assumes that if we will expose to God what we believe and look to Him for truth he will give His wisdom generously. For "if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him" (James 1:5 English standard version). And it assumes that unless the Lord sets us free we cannot ever find freedom on our own.

Theophostic Prayer is not healing of memories but rather mind renewal.
The terms "healing," "inner healing," and "healing of memories" have been around for a while now and have different connotations for different people. The term healing, if used in regard to Theophostic Prayer Ministry, would describe the outcome of mind renewal. For clarity, TPM deliberately avoids the term healing for the most part and replaces this term with mind renewal. The term mind renewal is more descriptive of what happens in a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session. Mind renewal occurs as the truth of God replaces the falsehoods people believe. When truth is experientially realized, perfect peace follows. As truth is embraced, what was emotionally painful as a consequence of lie-based thinking becomes peaceful, transformed by the Lord's light and freedom. Once the lies are removed from a painful memory, a true metamorphosis/life transformation should be evident in that memory. In a Theophostic Prayer Ministry context, this result would be described as mind renewal.

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