The limits of TPM?

What are the limits of TPM?

Theophostic is NOT able to:
  • Change what is currently true in a person's life. Theophostic Prayer Ministry is focused on the lies one believes not what is true. However, as the lies are removed and replaced with truth people's lives are transformed and thus change toward godliness.
  • Change what is true in a person's memory. (If something bad happened then this is the truth. Creating a new “version,” such as is done with guided imagery, does not bring lasting change.)
  • Remove appropriate shame and guilt that is rooted in sin apart from the cross of Christ. If I have sinned then I should feel bad about it.
  • Release a person from their lies against their will. Freedom is always about belief and choice.
  • Prevent a person from making wrong choices after they are healed. When the lies are removed the right choices become more available.
  • Help true mental illness that is not rooted in faulty/lie-based thinking.
  • Replace the need for on going bible study, discipleship, teaching and instruction.
  • Replace the need for quality mental and medical health.