Technical Questions about TPM


Is Theophostic a registered International Trademark?

Theophostic is a registered trademark. The reason this was done was to provide protection to this ministry approach so that people could not call what they are doing by the name Theophostic if indeed it was not what they were doing. The name Theophostic cannot be used without permission. If what they were doing in ministry does not follow the teachings of this ministry approach then they cannot use the name Theophostic to describe what they are doing. This is not to say that what others are doing is not just as effective as TPM or even better, it just means that they cannot use the name Theophostic if they are not following the principles and ministry session guidelines as taught by this ministry.

TPM is a FOR-Profit Corporation

The New Creation Publishing Corporation produces all training materials for Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  This corporation is a FOR-Profit corporation and DOES NOT solicit funds or donations.  All support is aquired through the sell of goods and services. 

This is the official TPM website.

This is the official Theophostic Prayer Ministry website. There are NO ministries, counseling centers, churches or individuals who represent this ministry other than this site alone. Websites, ministry centers, churches or any other identity or person that suggest they are associated with, represent, or are affiliated with this ministry are misrepresenting themselves. If a website, church, counseling center or individual references, displays or uses the name Theophostic Prayer Ministry they should only do so as an indication that they are using the principles taught by this ministry and not because they represent or affiliated with this ministry. If they are not following the specific guidelines and principles taught by this ministry or if they are mixing TPM with some other form of counseling or ministry then they are NOT doing Theophostic Prayer Ministry. If any website, counseling center, church or individual is using the name Theophostic to advertise or draw attention to their website or physical location they do so in violation of trademark law.

Can anyone train others with the material offered by this ministry?

All official Theophostic Basic Training is ONLY done through the Basic Video/DVD Seminar Series & Basic Training Seminar Manual. Both are required essentials of the basic training. Any person leading seminars in any other fashion other than through the presentation of the video tapes/DVD presentation & Basic Seminar Manual are doing so in violation of their agreement with this ministry. They are not endorsed by this ministry. Attendee beware! 

Can anyone use the name Theophostic?

As stated, any person who knowingly uses the name to draw attention to his or her website, increase traffic to his ministry or counseling practice, advertise his or her services is in violation of trademark law. There are NO Theophostic counseling centers, ministries, or training centers. There are many people using the Theophostic process but no one is endorsed, affiliated or certified by this ministry. It is required that those who wish to use the name Theophostic on their web site have obtained written permission from Theophostic Prayer Ministries to do so. Having the name Theophostic mentioned in a website, brochure or advertisement does not indicate any endorsement from Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Using the name Theophostic should ONLY be used to indicate that it is TPM that is being offered. The name Theophostic should not be used to draw attention, drive sales or contacts, or suggest that a person or ministry is affiliated with TPM. It does not suggest any level of expertise or indicate that the one doing so is applying the principles according to protocol. It is our intention that every new person exposed to the Theophostic Prayer Ministry principles enters in through the same door (the Basic Training Seminar) and learn the same information so as to avoid misinterpretation and second generation information. Please be honest in all you do. Here again attendee Beware!

Does TPM offer any type of certification?

TPM does NOT certify, credential or qualify any person for any reason to do any mode of counseling, ministry or any other form of helping endevors. TPM is only a training program that provides a person with a knowledge base from which they may develop some level of expertise. Any person who represents themselves as having some form of credentialling from TPM is stateing a falsehood.TPM does offer a Certificate of Completion which can validate the completion of the Basic and or Advanced Training. When you have completed both viewing the Basic Training Video Series, the seven DVDs that make up the Live Ministry Demonstration Series One, and reading the Basic Seminar Manual you may contact our office and request the Seal of Completion to be affixed to your certificate. If you have completed Level 1 of the Advanced training (tapes 1-6) you may contact our office to request the Level 1 Seal of Completion. This Certificate of Completion DOES NOT certify or credential you in any form or level in Theophostic Prayer Ministry. It does not indicate or suggest any level of expertise or expereince. It is not an endorsement from this ministry. It is a certificate that indicates you have completed the basic and/or advanced training requirements which is to read the Basic or Advanced materials and watch the DVD training series.

Does being a member of the International Association for Theophostic Ministry (IATM) certify, qualify or provide any indication of your ability to do effective ministry?

No. Membership in this association only means that the person has chosen to be identified with people who are using this form of ministry. Membership does not indicate any level of expertise or even if the member is following protocol. If you seek ministry from any person who is listed in the membership directory use extreme caution as you would in any other ministry setting. Before seeking Theophostic Prayer Ministry read the page provided to better equip yourself when seeking out a ministry facilitator.

Contact our office for more information:

Phone: 270-465-3757 (M-F 9 AM to 5 PM EST)
Email: tpoffice@kyol.netFor additional FAQ order a copy of Healing Life's Hurts and read the final chapter where many other questions are addressed. Primary resources located on this site for more information about TPM
  1. Guidelines for Theophostic Prayer Ministry
    A basic overview of what should happen in a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session.
  2. Healing Life's Deepest Hurts
    An introduction to Theophostic Prayer that gives a general overview of the basic principles and practices of this ministry.
  3. Research Findings about Theophostic Ministry
    All the current research that has been done to establish the efficasy of
    Theophostic Prayer.
  4. The Basic Principles of Theophostic Ministry
    An outline of the foundational principles
    of Theophostic Ministry.