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Other Website Affiliations with TPM

Are the thousands of websites on the Internet that promote Theophostic Prayer related to or affiliated with this ministry?
No. There are NO other ministries affiliated with Theophostic Prayer Ministry. However, there are thousands of good ministries listed on the Internet that have Theophostic Prayer
as a part of what they do but they are not affiliated with this ministry.

Any ministry that gives the impression that they are related to, supported by or that they represent Theophostic Prayer is misrepresenting their place. There are many good ministries helping hurting people that are not using Theophostic Prayer. Theophostic Prayer is not viewed as the only way that God is bringing healing to hurting
lives but only as a "tool among tools." However, Theophostic Prayer is clearly distinct in its approach and method and defined by specific

However, any supportive website that has the name Theophostic mentioned on its site should only be doing so with permission from this ministry. If the name Theophostic is used on a person's website they should have contacted this ministry and asked permission to do so. They should also have met the criteria for using the name as is discussed on the policy/promotional pages listed on this site.

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General policy and Website restrictions.

All websites that say they are using Theophostic Prayer should have this disclaimer listed in a prominent place on their site:

"This website greatly appreciates and gives positive testimony to the benefits of Theophostic® Prayer Ministries, but it is not in any way endorsed by, officially connected to, or affiliated with Dr. Ed Smith or any entity, corporation or aspect of Theophostic® Prayer Ministries. In addition, Theophostic® is a trademark of Alathia Ministries, Inc., of Campbellsville, Kentucky and Dr. Ed Smith, its founder and developer, who is the only one who has the right to define it."

By using the registered name Theophostic on this website we are stating that we carefully adhere to the basic teachings of this ministry and follow its Ministry Session Guidelines.

Any other types of ministry mentioned or promoted on this site are not a part of what we understand Dr.Smith to define as Theophostic® Prayer Ministry and are not offered as a substitute for the Basic and Advanced Theophostic® Prayer Ministry Training provided by Dr. Smith. For further information about Theophostic® Prayer Ministry, its developer Ed Smith, D.Min., or to order training materials go to or by phone 270-465-3757

If a person is using the name Theophostic to draw attention to their website, to increase sales or services then they are in violation of International Trademark law since Theophostic Prayer is a registered trademark.

Website Disclaimer

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