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Why we charge a fee for membership?

Most ministries operate as non-profit or not-for-profit corporations and thus depend upon the gifts and contributions of supporters for sustaining what they do. However, International Association for Theophostic Ministry (IATM) is a FOR PROFIT corporation and therefore DOES NOT solicit funding for any reason at any time nor does it provide tax deductible credit should any donations ever be given.

All income generated by this association comes through the collection of dues from its members. These dues help defray the enormous cost incurred to develop the site, pay software programmers, webmaster, office administration and operations, maintaining membership lists, much on going technical support, time invested from Dr. Ed's continual contribution of materials; “You Asked” questions, live broadcasts, articles, etc.

In the same way that New Creation Publishing (producer of all TPM training materials) works hard to keep cost down in the publication of training materials, IATM will strive to keep the membership fees as low as possible. Scholarships are also available to people who genuinely cannot afford to pay the membership fees.  It is our desire that all people using Theophostic Prayer will become an active part in making this community a strong supportive group.
Thank you for being a member and for paying your dues.

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