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Scholarship and Discounts

We do understand that finances are tight for many of us right now.  If you genuinely cannot afford to pay the membership fee we still want you to benefit from this association.  We simply ask that you pay what you honestly can afford.  This association is maintained by the membership fees. The membership fee runs about $4.00 per month for an individual membership ($49.95). 

We do understand that this may truly be beyond what you can do.  You also may live in a region of the world where you cannot make an electronic payment.  If you are unable to pay electronically and cannot mail your membership fee to us, please let us know and we will provide you with a scholarship. If you can mail your fee send it to:  TPM, PO Box 489, Campbellsville, KY 42719.

To apply for a scholarship, send an email or letter or call the TPM office (270-465-3757) stating your case.  We will evaluate your situation and if you qualify for a scholarship we will send you a password at a discounted price or at no charge at all.
Thank you.
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