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Introduction to the Basic Seminar Completion Exam
This exam is based upon the 2005 Basic Training Seminar Manual. The exam for the 2007 edition is found in the 16 Week Training Program materials. However, the same basic information is needed to pass this exam.This exam is designed to help you to see how well you have comprehended the materials. It is assumed that you are at this place because you have completely andthoroughly read the entire 2005/2007 edition of the TPM Basic Seminar Manual and are ready to evaluate your comprehension of the material. This is not a test that you will pass or fail but rather a gauge to determine if you have a basic understanding of the TPM principles and foundational concepts.

Print out and take a manageable portionof the test one section at a time and then use the Answer Key to check yourself.

You will be ministering to real people with real hurts and it is important that you commit to excellence in ministry and learn this material well. If you do not know the answer on a particular question go back to the Basic Seminar Manual for your answer and read it in context. Avoid using the Answer Key as your answer source since it lacks the fuller information and context you need. The goal is that you become the best facilitator that you can beandnot that youansweredallthequestions inthis review.

This review test is based upon the 2005 edition of the Basic Training Manual. If you have read the 2007 edition the chapter content may not match up. You are still required to complete this exam or the test provided in the 16 week trainingparticipantsGuide&LeadersGuide,until the 2007 editionof the multiple choice test is complete. If you do not have a copy of the 16 Week Study Guide Student's Handbook you can obtain on in the On-Line store.

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