New Zealand, Australia & Argentina

New Zealand,Australia,& Argentina

I have had the privilege of taking Christabroadthrough Theophostic Prayer Ministry to Australia, New Zealand & Argentina. It began after I received a crisis call early one morning from Australia and nine hourslater my flight was booked to the 'Land Down Under'. I was to minister to a woman on the brink of suicide who was a survivor of the occult world. Two weeks of intense TPM andJesus did what only HE can do!! Many layers of lies were uncovered. This was the first person to whom I ministered at this level. It was a perfect opportunityfor me allow the truth to play out to do only what I knew to doand allow Jesus to do only what He could do!!

The darkest areas of her pain were uncovered, surrendered& replaced with Gods truth. People including her family and co-workerssaid, 'she didn't even look the same." She was immediatelyliving life with a freedom she had never known. She hadneverbeen able to evengrocery shopor take a train by herself because of thedebilitating anxiety, paranoia and fear. On the day of my return home she took me on the train to the airport and returned home by herself in peace. She even went shopping for her children by herself (alsoa glorious new experience). There was still much to be done but God had given her such tangible HOPE thru TPM. This ministry continues with this courageous woman.

Little did I know but there wereseven other men and women and a childwaiting in the wings while I was in Australia. One man had a nervous breakdown in his shop and the shop foreman(an unbeliever) sent him home. However, he changed his mind and said 'Take him to see her'. What he didn't realize was he was sendinghim to meet with Jesus! The only healer of our souls!!Thisdesperately brokenmandid not know Jesus (yet). Within two hours deep roots of pain were uncovered in this broken mans life and he was totally amazed at what he had experienced! At the end of the session I asked him what he thought of this Christ who had just done these awesome things for him and with bowed head he cried out...'He knew me Judy! He knew me!' Twenty minutes later he asked Christ into his heart. Today he is doing well and growing in his walk all because Jesus showed up in his pain and exchangedthe lies for the only life changing "Truth"there is! From the inside out!"He whom the Son sets free is free indeed!'

A father brought his 11 year old little girl for ministry. He heard there was someone who had come from Canada that might have 'a way to healing'. What hedidn't know was, I brought Jesus from Canada who is the only way to healing and that He already lived in the Land Down Under too. This beautiful little girl was set free from fear that held her so captive she couldn't sleep alone, go into her room by herself even during the daylight and even walked slumped overholding herself andunable to look at me. She had lost her desire to live and join in with other children. Through TPM Jesus went with her to the roots of her fears. Jesus revealed His presence to her in a way that only He knew she needed as He exchanged the lies she had believedfor His truth… Her father was astounded when he came to pick her up as she ran to him leaping with utter JOY.

New Zealand marked an amazing timefor a largegroup of men and women all interestedin how Jesus worked through TPM. I spent over amonth with themtraining allowing them to facilitate and receive private ministry themselves.To maximize my time while there,I also provided the opportunity for them tolearn about the major hindrances to ones freedom as taught in the Basic training. After the session on vows an olderman literally fell off his chair when he realized a vow He had made as a young boy. He discovered in his memories how it had impacted his life. He was also able to experience the grief and loss of the impact the vowhad on his life. Jesusrevealed His presence in truth in a remarkable way for him. I can still see him looking upward crying ..'Oh, Jesus its gone. It's gone! Thank the Lord it's GONE!!' His wife was present and remarked on how different he looked!

Another young man whose parents had been missionaries in Africa was filled with fear of hisfuture and could not grasp life as it presented itself. A memorysurfaced of his being inAfrica as a little boy. It was astounding to watch Jesusreveal His truth to this young man and exchangehis agony forutter peace.

A Christian psychologist was among theTheophostic class participants and followed me for the next month very closely. We had actually worked separately with a mutual client from New Zealand.The psychologistoperated in the secular clinical realm and I withinTheophostic Prayer Ministry. Not only did the psychologist come for personal ministry but also observed withtheir own eyes the miraculouschanges in the client who was remarkably healed by Jesus through TPM. Since my return from New Zealand a year ago, thepsychologist has left their clinical practice to facilitate TPM full time. WOW!

While in New Zealand I wasinvited to preach at a morning service in a beautiful church in Invercargill at the very tip of the South Island.Iwas not intending to invite people to stay for 'ministry' after but I sensed the Lord asked me to extendthe invitation and 11 people stayed behind. One of them was a 90 yr. old beautifulwoman who struggled desperately from obsessive compulsive behaviors that could have exhausted anyone just listening. She was so willing to allow Jesus to relieve her of theroots of her struggles and beliefs.She followed her pain to avery traumatic memory 72 yrs. earlier...most unusual but exactly where the lie imbedded itself in her life! It was almost hard to imagine how this precious lady lived for all those years! When the ministry was finished she grabbed my hand and shouted in hergorgeousNew Zealand accent, 'Can you feel it Judy? Can you feel it ? To this I replied, 'Can I feel what?' She looked me in the eyes and cried, 'THE PEACE.. THE PEACE...CANYOU FEEL THE PEACE!!!!' I personally checked in with this lady before I left New Zealand and she was still resting in His peace!!!

Argentina marked a life changing healing for a young women with strugglesin maintaining healthyrelationships.She was wonderfully bilingual which allowed me to facilitateministry in English. During the ministry session she discovered the roots of unmet needs in her own life as achild. Unconsciously she had been seeking to have them met in other people in her adult life. She was astounded how Jesus showed her howall her struggles had been woven with one common thread. Not only did she have the courage to break off herotherwise unhealthy engagement but she was able to remain unattached for almost two years drawing closer to Jesus and has since met a wonderful man and is scheduled to be married next summer.

God is so good. I tell people,whenJesus heals from the inside out - it's real and it is forever!! I pray that my sharing can contribute in furthering the Kingdom. Thank you, Dr. Ed, for listening to the Lord so long agoin yourowndesperation. Iamforever new because of what the Lord has done!

Gratefully submitted
Judy Paling
Ontario, Canada