How TPM Found its way into Ghana, Africa

How TPM Found its Way into Ghana, Africa

Theophostic Prayer Ministry found its way into Ghana, Africa on two separate fronts at about the same time. Three different men with the same burden for the hurting people of Africa were instrumental in making it happen. Dr. Samuel Dornyo who is the president and founder of the International Theological Seminary in Accra (the capital of Ghana), traveled to America and was exposed to TPM while there. He took it back and made it a part of the seminary's training.  Dr.Dornyo has trained over 1000 people in Theophostic Prayer Ministry since bringing it back from the UnitedStates.

About this same time Pastor Bill Hoer who had a heart for Africa was continually traveling back and forth ministering TPM in different venues. During one of his trips to East Africa (a long way from Ghana) he met Rev. Moses More (who was from Accra, Ghana) and shared the TPM principles with him. Rev. More caught the vision and was off and running not knowing Dr. Dornyo was already busy at the task of training students in his Ghana seminary.

After Rev. Moses had received much ministry himself he sent an email of gratitude to the TPM office in Kentucky saying, he was "so thankful and delighted" to receive a copy of "Healing Life's Deepest Hurts", and the Basic Training materials that he had received from Rev. Bill Hoerr of Ohio. Moses had experienced some prayer ministry sessions which he said, "gave me complete freedom in areas of my life." and shared a vision to hold a "big outdoor introduction (the Basic Seminar) in Ghana."

After the TPM office contacted Bill Hoerr who confirmed what the Lord had been doing in Rev More's life, Theophostic Prayer Ministry donated almost 1000 Basic Training Seminar Manuals and shipped them to Accra, Ghana so pastors with little means of support could attend the training. As a result,many spiritual leaders participated in two separate conferences. All the while Dr. Dornyo is training hundredsofstudents across town in the International Seminary in Accra. Godwas at workonbothfronts while neitherwas aware of the others activities.

Rev. More said concerning the seminars, "What a joy to behold the faces of the delegates as they began to see how the process works instantly and miraculously! Right there several Pastors requested that the training be brought to their respective cities and churches. Even several days and weeks after the conferences, those who did not hear about the training also began to inundate me with requests for their training." "It is my personal observation that as the Theophostic Prayer Ministry spreads into other parts of the city and the country, and as more spiritual leaders are introduced to it; both the spiritual and human resource landscape will be greatly transformed for the better."

Pastor Christian Balagi attended one of the conferences and gives this report of his experience: "as Rev. Bill Hoerr was facilitating our training in the Theophostic Prayer Ministry, he asked that one should volunteer to be used to demonstrate how the process goes. I volunteered! As I was being processed, I came to a memory of an event when I was a teenager and had just enrolled into high school.During my first year in high school, my father deserted the family. He walked away never to return until four years later. This resultedin confusion, fear and hatred for him. I got so angry that even after his return I really wanted to kill him. I had carried this insecurity, fear and hatred and anger for 13 years. But God, being merciful, touched my life and I got healed of all that as I was processed. 13 years later, I can say for the first time, now I see my father as my real dad, I have just began to relate to him as my father. Thanks be to God for bringing TPM through Rev. Bill Hoerr and Rev. Moses More to Ghana. I am now really free from the negative emotions that controlled my life! I have also begun to process others to bring healing to destroyed relationships!"

Following the two basic training seminars, Rev. More believed the time was right to ask the founder, Dr. Ed Smith to come to Ghana and lead in a live Basic Training and sent a letter of request. Dr. Smith could not make the trip for almost three years. However, during the preparations for the event Dr. Ed began to do some research concerning what was happening in Ghana with TPM and discovered the work of Dr. Smauel Dornyo. Dr. Ed promptly made contact with him and the two streams of labor came together.

Now Rev. More and Dr. Dornto were able to join hands in making the forthcoming live Basic Training Seminar a success. Though Dr. Dornyo and Rev. More remain two separate streams furthering the ministry of TPM in Africa, their hearts are intertwined and work in unity in bringing healing to the people of Ghana. Beginning first in Ghana but spreading forth like a torch throughout the whole continent of Africa. Pray for Dr. Dornyo, Rev. Moses More and Pastor Bill Hoer as they labor together in Christ to minister to the wounded hearts of all of Africa.

  Dr. Samuel Dornyo

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