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Theophostic Prayer Ministry in England

Theophostic Prayer Ministry in England

Reported by: Mike and Anne Crane

We first heard about TPM in January 2003. At that time Mike was about to be made redundant from his job and, purely incidentally, our Pastors suggested taking a look at web site. Within a few short days he had read everything on the website and, whilst sitting at his office desk, had received healing from bad emotion in a childhood memory that had long since been "buried". Shortly thereafter we both completed the Basic Training package. Looking back, 2003 was a year when the Lord led us slowly and graciously into TPM; it took until nearly the end of the year for us to accumulate enough hours to pass the thirty hour criteria for breaking the seal on the advanced Training package we had purchased at the TPM Convention in Minneapolis. It was also around this time that we took on board the advice and guidance contained in "Keeping your Ministry out of Court".

It is perhaps worth saying at this point that neither of us had any previous experience in ministry. We were willing volunteers in many of the tasks facing the members of any small church. Mike was the church treasurer and Anne did everything from arranging the chairs, helping in the crèche, to making tea and cakes!

After Mike's redundancy from his job, and the subsequent acceptance of early retirement, we ministered to people from our local church in Manchester, England. This continued until early 2005 when we re-located from Manchester to our sister church in Rugeley, a small ex-coal mining town in the north Staffordshire area of central England. The Pastor and leadership teams of both these churches have been fully supportive of TPM and of our ministry, and our new church has provided us with a TPM office.

During the years we have been using TPM our ministry has grown from being exclusively within our own small church to the stage where, purely by word of mouth recommendation, people are coming to see us from all over England and have even flown in from Ireland. We are also friends with a Christian Doctor and his wife who live in another town a few miles from us. He is also a TPM enthusiast and Christian patients sometimes get to see our TPM brochure. Some of these have subsequently received TPM from us.

In our first year with TPM up to the end of 2003 we accumulated just 46 hours of ministry. In 2004-5 we averaged a little over two hundred hours, whilst in 2006-7 the annual average has increased to four hundred hours. This would typically equate to four to seven, 2-3 hour, sessions per week. This state of affairs is classic proof that if God's people make themselves available, He really can use anyone to accomplish His plans! If we were to attribute our success with TPM to anything, it would to the fact that we do our utmost to follow the TPM Guidelines, we always minister as a team, never alone, and if we feel led to speak into a persons life at the end of a session we never fail to tell them that "this bit isn't TPM". We feel very blessed to be under the umbrella of our church and under the authority of our Pastor.

The slow start in terms of hours ministered has been mirrored by the complexity of the ministry required by individuals undergoing ministry. It is, perhaps, a cliché but if we had known at the beginning what we would be facing four years down the road we doubt we would have had the desire to get involved.

However, and massively on the plus side, we continue to see the Lord set people free from emotional bondage in the most amazing way. The word miracle can be overused but it hard not to use it when faced with the fruit of TPM and the way it can change lives.

We have found it to be a consistent truth that when people are set free at the emotional level their physical health improves, sometimes dramatically! We have lost count of the number of times asthma and other breathing related conditions have "just gone away". It is a similar story with other conditions as people report no longer being afflicted with many physical issues and various phobias. One lady who had previously been unable to get into a lift (elevator), and for whom flying had been out of the question, has recently returned from a (flying) trip to Spain. She also has no more problems with lifts.

We have limited experience ministering to non-Christians. However the two individuals who fall into this category were both subsequently led to the Lord.

On the down side, and requiring more prayer, are the ones who, at least temporarily, "get away". These are the ones who are manifestly in need of ministry and who have seen the fruit of TPM in others but who seem unable to desire ministry for themselves. Or, they are the ones who have "tried it" but who are not willing to make the necessary decisions that will enable them to receive what the Lord has to offer them. This used to bother us, a lot! But... we continue to receive ministry for ourselves and are now finding it easier to let God be God. It is His ministry after all.

Mike and Anne Crane

Rugeley, Staffordshire, England

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