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Theophostic Prayer in Spain

Theophostic Prayer in Spain

My name is Heike Hedwig and I am located in Spain serving as a missionary. Ministry was steadily building up since 2003. Since then I was able to minister to more than 70 individuals. This is a lot considering that Spain has a percentage of around 1% believers only. In Madrid, 6 million inhabitants, however there are 250 mostly small churches and only one official trained counselors. The need for help was so big that without me advertising anything more and more people were asking for help. The news spread around all over Spain and I became involved in giving ministry on a national level to nationals as well as missionaries in the area of Member Care.

After two years basically being on my own and trying to survive the Lord showed me that it was time to get others trained. This I started in faith, as by the year 2004 no training materials were available in Spanish and Spanish population does not speak English. By God's grace we started and it was a lot of work for me to translate materials. But God heard my crying for help and the first Theophostic Basic Manual came out. A real blessing. Since then I was able to have 3 training groups. Most interest was shown by mental health professionals which made 50% of the people trained and still in training. At my present training group in Madrid even a psychiatrist is taking part. He actually had thrown his title in the dust bin because he had come to a point where he realized that he was not able to help people who

were struggling mentally to a stage which one could call healing. When

he discovered Theophostic he was enthusiastic about it. Over here in Spain because of the big lack of training materials and time the Theophostic Training takes one year as we work through the whole bits and pieces we have of the fragments of Basic Manuals and try to apply the content. The first training group of 7 people finished one and a half years ago and 4 of them are now actively ministering, which also means to give supervision to the mostly mental health professionals. I do not have any professional training apart from being a RN and studies in theology. But so far the Lord has been faithful and the work is still expanding every month, not as fast as the need would require, because of the lack of training materials in Spanish.

I saw people healed from sexual abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, post abortion syndrome, OCD, addiction, sexual addiction, homosexuality, depression, attachment disorders, PTSD etc. One lady who had been severely abused physically and emotionally by her parents was about to come to a place of healing when all in a sudden was involved as a victim in the Madrid Train Bombings. Jesus used Theophostic Prayer to prevent her from slipping into a PTSD. Today she is a very active christian and evangelist.

By God's grace even Non-Christians came for help and accepted the Lord as their savior. There are heaps of stories to tell, but not enough time right now to go into further detail. But the Lord is doing great things here in Spain!

Praise HIS name.

Heike Hedwig

(Note: TPM is translated into Spanish and available in the On-Line Store.)

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