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Samuel Dornyo's vision for West Africa

The role and vision of International Theological Seminary in Broadening the ministry of Theophostic in Ghana and all of Africa.

Written by Dr. Samuel Oheneba Dornyo, Founder and President of the International Seminary of Ghana, and the Academy of Christian Counselors (GACC) of Ghana.

(Picture is Dr. Samuel Dornyo and his beloved wife who went to to be with the Lord in 2009.)

"I returned from the USA in 2001 where I had the opportunity to attend the TPM seminar organized by International Theological Seminary, Bradenton - Florida, USA. The benefits were numerous for me. I therefore, decided to introduce TPM to those I was affiliated with in Ghana that same year 2001. Since 2001, I have made it mandatory for counseling students of International Theological Seminary, Ghana to study Theophostic as a core subject on their counselor-training curriculum. No student satisfies for graduation until they have fulfilled the basic requirements for the TPM Basic Training Seminar and additional written tests. This makes International Theological Seminary of Ghana the only institution to have trained over 800 students using the Theophostic Video and seminar materials by Dr. Ed Smith. I have also made Theophostic a required course for all our students and members of faculty whether in Counseling or Theology, Divinity or our Biblical studies departments.  Our graduates are serving in various capacities in diverse churches. The seminary has trained Pastors, Founder of Churches, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Engineers, Teachers, Caterers, Marine Officials, Naval Commanders, Prisons Directors, Police Commissioners, Ministers of State and more.

I had a vision to found a professional body that will cater adequately for the counseling needs of the nation as a whole. This association embodies professional Christian Counselors in Ghana and is expected to be the supervising body that credentials and runs continuing education for everyone who practices faith based counseling in Ghana.

Due to the nature of the African, coupled with our belief systems, we need Theophostic Prayer Ministry to deal with core lies that lay in the core beliefs of people, buried in their memories. I have found Theophostic Prayer Ministry to be the most effective approach to dealing with the deliverance and emotional needs of most of our people. People are getting better results since the introduction of Theophostic into our training programs for workers of the body of Christ in Ghana. The truth we are seeing is that when    people experience Jesus coming as the Light of God into their situations, they receive total and genuine recovery with ease. This divine principle taught by TPM is making a lot of difference in our training at ITS. Everybody wants to come over to our seminary because it has unique blend of programs that others do not offer. Theophostic Prayer Ministry is making a lot of difference!  Jesus is healing wounded hearts that no human beings by their efforts alone or techniques are able to accomplish.

Because of our unique training, the news has gone very far and all over the country. Everyone, including officials of government organizations are benefiting from our balanced counselor training programs and expertise.

In recognition of this, the Ghana Academy of Christian Counselors (GACC), was inaugurated on the 29th of November at a colorful ceremony in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The ceremony was blessed with the presence of Ghana government delegation in the persons of the Deputy Ministers for Information and National Orientation and the Deputy Minister for Health who took turns to address the gathering and assured us of Ghana Government support and assistance. They promised to use their various ministries to promote the counseling cause in every sector of national orientation and to assist to push counseling activities in the education ministries as well.  (Picture above are some of the Ghana government dignitaries, political leaders, church leaders and other professional persons participating in the GACC Inaguration.)

The ceremony was also blessed with the distinguished presence of Dr. Ed. Smith who was the special guest. Dr. Ed Smith addressed the gathering in an impressive mastery and display of his rich experience in Theophostic Ministry. He was glad that we have taken the lead and will make it by the grace of God. He stated empathically that the Jesus factor taken out of any counseling endeavor results in mere failure. He encouraged us to be diligent and learn to bring people to the feet of Jesus to be healed. He said Jesus is the only sure way to maintenance free healing for the emotional needs of people.

Our seminary will continue to be a center of excellence for Theophostic Prayer Ministry in Ghana. People who enroll in ITS, Ghana are under obligation to go through TPM training both for their individual healing and for those of other people who may need it. I intend to create a faculty or department in ITS, Ghana for TPM when we move from where we currently are to a new location by March 2007 . I also have a vision to champion Theophostic Prayer Ministry programs all over various regions and districts of Ghana and the entire continent of Africa. This I will so do if Dr. Ed Smith permits. I am positive that very soon, through the ministry of Theophostic, permanent healing would reach our people in this part of the world.

Dr. Ed Smith addressing the
 GACC Inaguration

Click Here to View the Inauguration Video
Because ITS, Ghana is a well established seminary, Dr. Ed Smith can collaborate with us  to successfully and continuously run Theophostic programs, seminars, courses and conventions in Ghana. ITS, Ghana has the student population and what it takes to host such successful programs. I am looking forward to Ghana becoming headquarters of TPM in Africa where most TPM activities with other nations would be coordinated.
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