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Theophostic in Piet Retief, South Africa

Theophostic in Piet Retief, South Africa
Reported by Francois Mostert

I spend about 3 years in the mission-field as a full-time missionary before my own pain surfaced and I talked to a Christian Counselor, receiving wonderful breakthroughs even as I listened to the Lord after our sessions. He was very gifted at reflective listening and one of the things he said in the session was that "it sounds to me; you really wanted to be heard" When he said those words I broke down crying. After the session I walked until I could walk no more and stopped and looked up to God, who immediately reminded me of Ismael (whose name by the way means "God Hears".) The scripture that leaped out at me was "and God heard his cry" Genesis 21:17. In that moment I knew that God has always heard me and it brought tremendous peace to my life. I was so excited that I went back to the Counselor and told him that the Lord told me that He has always heard me.

While serving as a missionary I led small teams of young people, and realized the tremendous amount of pain God's people carried. For example one lady on the team had flashbacks, that was so intense that she would literally became nauseous to the point of throwing-up, another was open about the fact that she hated herself, etc. Well realizing the tremendous pain of those serving on the mission-field, including myself of course, my desire was to be equipped in counseling skills, I could bring back to the mission-field.

On my return of a two year commitment as a full-time missionary I studied social work and after qualifying started working as a social worker at a rehabilitation Centre. It took me about 6 months to realize that with all my knowledge I am accomplishing very little in setting the captives free. I cried out to the Lord for help and it was at this time that somebody introduced me by way of testimony about the efficacy of TPM. I asked if they would lend me there manual and my journey into using TPM started.

Initially I thought that you are just another American advocating some kind of quick fix! I was very skeptical but also very excited about what I read and as I continued to read the Lord reminded me of how he healed/brought renewal to my own mind. I could completely identify with the principles as I looked at how God brought healing to my own life so I stayed with the book and kept reading. I was not even half –way trough when I told the Lord that if this is from Him I will be totally committed to applying these principles. I also made a kind of deal with the Lord that the next client that walked into my office would be the first one I will attempt to "theophos", and if these principles are true he must reveal that to me. It just so happened that the next person that entered into my office openly verbalized being a Satanist, saying that there are two demons in the office and asked: "what do you think you are going to do now." I simply prayed and then explained to him the TPM principles and asked if he would be willing to look at his pain. He was and in that very first session we got to a memory where he witnessed his Dad's head blown open either due to suicide or an accident cleaning his gun. There was enough healing observed in that one session, as I saw the Lord bring healing to that memory, that I never could doubt the Lord using TPM again.

I carried on practicing the principles and very soon saw the Lord wonderfully setting the captives free. I saw homosexuals set free. People set free from suicidal ideation. I saw others coming off chemical addictions including heroin. Saw many phobias resolved, many unbelievers come to Christ, etc.

I was truly excited. I could not contain this excitement and shared with my pastor one day what the Lord is accomplishing at the Rehab. He asked me to teach at Church and I said that I would be willing to show your video-series. After sharing some testimonies we showed the basic training videos. As a result of this I was flooded with people coming to see me for prayer.

I trained up the staff at the Rehab Centre who all started sharing similar testimonies of God's Grace as He brings truth to people's minds. I would minister at work and minister at home. At this juncture our pastor approached me to come on staff, full-time, to equip other's in TPM. That was about four years ago. We kept up with all the latest manuals and demonstrations made available through your ministry. We video recorded and watched and analyzed the principles as they are fleshed out in a session. We started TPM support groups at church.

We now hold an annual Ministry Camp every year for those using TPM or are interested in this kind of ministry. We have a weekly support group that meet for three hours every Wednesday morning for more or less four years now. We also have a support group meeting Monday nights for about two years. We took the principles to several towns surrounding our small town of Piet Retief (South-Africa.) Many of those in Piet Retief, in other denominations than ours, join the support groups and camps on a regular basis. We have introduced the principles to the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Centre in Swaziland and have ministered to several of there staff members on a bi-annual basis. They also report good results and many of them come to the yearly ministry camp for encouragement.

This year we even took a missionary trip and held a Conference for missionaries in Mozambique who opened there lives to our team. We ministered to more than 20 people, mostly full-time Christian workers (missionaries or teachers and there families), many more than one session, all in the space of a week. We had tremendous feedback on this trip and were filled with joy not only for the joy of seeing a mountain of pain lift from there lives and the impact transformed minds will have in there ministries, but also for the joy of being used by the Lord.

A Portuguese preacher who approached my pastor for help with one of his members suffering emotionally and being demonically oppressed arranged the Conference. He is fluent in English and has also started applying the principles, having a measure of success. He is interested in bringing the principles to Mozambique and train up his own people. So if you do not find anyone interested in translating the Manual into Portuguese I can put you in contact with Mr. Zibia, who already at the camp showed interest not only to translate the manual but also to translate the DVD's series into Portuguese. (You surely would like to see the DVD series and hear yourself speaking Portuguese, right?)

We are using a mixture of a Therapy and Body-life model that spontaneously evolved over the years. We are all very excited about what God is accomplishing, as the core of those involved on a regular basis (averaging between 20-30 people), faithfully learn and apply the principles and allowing God to use them. We have favor with most churches in our town and surrounding area and have many refer people to us. We also network with social workers who refer some of there clients to us for ministry. We have people driving from Swaziland and Mozambique to come for ministry and continually see the Lord extending our territory and the depth at which we work. We have also moved into the area of Dissociation about five years ago and minister to several people displaying signs of DID.

Francois Mostert
Piet Retief, South Africa

Note: This article was written by an author that is not affiliated with Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Therefore his or her views and findings do not necessarily represent the teachings of this ministry. The official teaching of TPM can be found in the Basic Training Seminar Manual. It is from this manual that all other publications, articles and media is to be evaluated.

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