Theophostic Basic Training in Costa Rica

Theophostic Prayer in Costa Rica!

Update Since the Basic Training Seminar held in Costa Rica in 2006

Reported by Ed M. Smith

Pictured below: Fabricio Ulate, Zelmi Valverde and EdSmith

I want to bring an update and report about the good work that is going on in Costa Rica with Theophostic Prayer. As you may already know I traveled to Costa Rica last year and offered the Basic Training Seminar. A team of people organized a Basic Training Conference inviting me to come and train them and several hundred other church leaders and lay ministers in the latest approaches in TPM. I spent two weeks with this team, training, teaching and doing ministry. In return I was deeply blessed by their open hearts and support to me personally and their commitment to doing this ministry well. I can honestly say that I found some very good friends in Costa Rica. I had a great time in the Lord and saw many exciting things happen with those there who received ministry and connected with the presence of Christ.

One of the objectives was to video tape the TPM Basic Training Seminar in Spanish. This was accomplished and is in the process of being edited now. This edition of the seminar is based on the same material as now makes up the 2007 edition of the seminar recently released in English. Over the last few years a team of people from Costa Rica have translated the Basic Training Manual into Spanish as well. They originally translated the 2000 edition and later upgraded this translation to closely match the 2005 edition of the Basic Manual.

How the Translation pf the Basic Manual into Spanish Came About
As far as our records show, Theophostic Prayer Ministry found its way into Costa Rica through the ministry of Tom and Andrea Panozzo in 1999. This couple poured out their hearts into the lives of the Costa Rican people benefiting much in restoration, renewal and advancement in training in Theophostic Prayer.
Shortly thereafter, the people of Costa Rica contacted the Theophostic office asking permission to take on the task of translating the Basic Manual. None on the team were what you would call "professional" translators (in that they had not translated anything before), but each had a heart and a desire to see the translation come about. They each were committed to excellence and accuracy and took their time to carefully translate the materials without losing its intended meaning. When they were finished the work they provided the Spanish speaking countries a very high quality translation. I am very proud of them all.

Their practical experience with Theophostic Prayer aided in their efforts in producing a quality translation. They each had received much ministry themselves and witnessed the power of Christ in the lives of those with whom they offered ministry. This personal experience proved invaluable as they worked through the many pages of text.

The team consisted of many members. It was primarily headed by Zelmi Valverde and Fabricio Ulate. The group of people who worked together with Zelmira Valverde in Alajuela were: Shirley Segura, Andrea Avila, Olga Cascante, Guiselle Zamora, Genesis Mora, and Dani Arias. There was also a group of people working together with Fabricio Ulatein San Jose that consisted of: Lisbeth Calvo, Karia Quesada, Jessica Campos, and Ivonne Cerdas.

A New Hurdle to Cross
Now that the 2007 edition of the Basic Manual is available the task of translating the new material is at hand. My heart feels a mixture of emotion by what lies ahead. I know that the Costa Rica team worked long and hard on the 2005 edition of the manual. I know that they are tired (and rightly so) and the thought of starting over must seem overwhelming. However, I also rejoice in what has been accomplished through their efforts thus far. They could have waited for the 2007 edition to be complete, but because they pressed on and paid that early price, the Spanish manual is presently in the hands of thousands of people in Spanish speaking nations that would still not have it today. However, the 2007 edition is improved and more refined and contains information that will enhance those already trained as well as those yet to come in to the knowledge of this ministry.

Even though the translating of the 2005 manual was a major undertaking, the Costa Rica team has agreed to push forward and, with the help of a group in Guatemala, will soon begin the arduous task of translating not only the new 2007 Manual but also the 16 Week Study Program that supplements this training. When this is complete we will have all the primary Basic Materials in Spanish as well as the DVD Basic Training Seminar.

The Costa Rica translation team has set the standard and the pace for other countries where TPM training materials arein need of being translated. Already many people from all around the world are coming forward to help out with this important work. Pray that those who labor will "not grow weary in doing good..." but will persevere to completion. I will be forming teams in about 15 countries soon. I will be looking for qualified coordinators who will over see each group. Hopefully we will have many new languages available within the next year. If you have interest in being a part of a team of people translating the training contact me soon. Pray that all goes according to His time and will.

I am very appreciative of the hard work that the Costa Rica team put forth. I am inspired and encouraged by their hearts desire to see this ministry go forth.

Giving thanks
Ed Smith

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