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Theophostic Prayer Ministry in Costa Rica

How Theophostic Found its Way to CR

by Andrea Panozzo
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It was in the fall of 1998 that I first became acquainted with the Theophostic Prayer Ministry. This ministry captured my heart from the very beginning, and I felt determined to receive it and to learn how to facilitate it. At that time, I remember sharing with my husband, Tom, that I had learned about a very powerful ministry, which I sensed, would be the main focus for the rest of my life.

We had been involved in a prayer community for 25 years and had many opportunities to pray with people. Through these years of experience, we had come to realize that only the power of God could heal people from the inside out. Of course, at first we could not see where God was leading us or what His plan was for the spread of Theophostic Prayer Ministry. However, we now realize that He was entrusting us with a gift that would not only bless us and others in the area where we live, but also the lives of many people in another parts of the world – the beautiful country of Costa Rica in Central America.

New Country, New Friends

A new opportunity was offered to us in January of 1999 – one that would be an open door for the further growth of Theophostic Prayer Ministry . As we shared dinner together one evening, Tom explained that he had been given a new responsibility at work that would involve traveling to a manufacturing plant near San Jose, Costa Rica. One month later, I joined Tom as he made his first trip to Costa Rica. Through Tom's business acquaintances we were introduced to several people who were very committed Christians. As we spent time with our new friends, we shared the spiritual blessings and unity that can only result when people come together because of their faith in Christ. We were touched by the love and compassion of these people. During our visit we felt one in mind and spirit with others who also wanted God's purposes to be realized in their lives.

In December of 1999, we were planning for a second trip to Costa Rica. Once again our travels were meant to be for business purposes only. However, as I was packing to go, the Lord spoke clearly to my heart. His message came in the form of a thought that I could not get out of my mind: "Take the Theophostic training videos and manual to Costa Rica, even if you have to carry them in you hands. Do whatever it takes to get them there."

When we arrived in Costa Rica, our new friends shared with us their concern for someone they loved deeply, who was desperately in need of emotional help. Tom and I knew that this was the opportunity to tell them about Theophostic Prayer Ministry . As we shared the videos and training books with them, our friends' response to what they were learning was the same as our response had been when we were first introduced to the Theophostic principles. Their hearts were also prepared to appreciate the profound wisdom of the ministry, because their life experiences had given them the understanding that only the Lord and His power can bring true healing and freedom.

During this visit, two of the people who had learned about Theophostic Prayer Ministry suggested that we travel through the mountains of Costa Rica to minister to the person for whom they felt so much concern. This person's heart was very open to the Lord, and one session of Theophostic prayer proved to be an important turning point in his life. Another opportunity we had during this visit was to introduce the principles of Theophostic Prayer Ministry to a larger Christian community while attending a Bible study meeting with our friends.

Seeds Fall on Furtile Ground

After we left Costa Rica, our Lord continued to work in and through the Christian people there. The hearts of these people provided the fertile ground in which the seeds for the further growth of Theophostic Prayer Ministry were planted and nourished. They persevered in the practice of the Theophostic process and the study of the ministry as a whole. They worked together for hours each week seeking healing for themselves and others. The Lord used them as vessels to pour out knowledge of this ministry in their country.

It wasn't until more than a year later, in March of 2001, that Tom and I were able to visit our friends again. We had been communicating regularly with them and had prepared ahead of time to offer the first Basic Video Training Seminar in their country. A growing interest in Theophostic had developed in Costa Rica because of the testimonies of powerful healings that people were experiencing. The seminar was successful and the people who participated were very grateful to learn about Theophostic Prayer Ministry. We returned home with much excitement and gratitude to the Lord for the continued unfolding of His plan.

Following this seminar, people began to study the basic seminar manual together. However, up to this point only the English-speaking people in Costa Rica were able to be involved in the training. This language challenge led a few very dedicated people to ask permission from the Theophostic office to translate the basic manual into Spanish. Also, the people's determination to have a thorough understanding of the ministry motivated some of them to travel to the United States in order to attend Advanced Training and Basic Apprenticeship Training.

Our most recent visit in July of 2004 was very encouraging because we witnessed the strong commitment of the training participants there to study the ministry thoroughly and to learn the advanced principles of Theophostic. At present, there are initial plans being made to form an organization for ministering to hurting people that will involve teaching and using the Theophostic principles and procedure.

The hand of God and the unfolding of His plan are clearly evident in this Central American country. I believe that what God is doing in Costa Rica can best be described through the people's own words (used with permission):

      Group from Costa Rica with Dr. Ed Smith

"It has been almost five years ago that my heart was falling apart. I even asked my psychiatrist to give me a pain reliever to help my broken heart. At that time my two marriages had not worked and also my beloved brother was dying. He was one of the most wonderful persons I had near me. We would share our hearts with each other and he would give me strength. He thought that I was capable of doing anything, but I believed that I was good for nothing. And I had to lose him too! At that time Andrea and her husband started working in Costa Rica. She knew that I had become a Christian and was trying to help my brother and (she) decided to share Theophostic Prayer Ministry with me. Andrea, my sister, and I went together to visit my brother and to administer the Theophostic healing process for him. During our prayer time, Jesus showed my brother that He would be with him to help him carry his cross, his illness and his pain. This is when I started seeing miracle after miracle, not only in other wounded people but also in me. My brother left this earth (filled) with the presence of the Holy Spirit and praising the Lord. At the end, he looked so bad physically, but every time I would ask him how he felt, he would respond that he was fine because he could feel the presence of Jesus next to him. Through Theophostic, Jesus showed me that He is my friend, my brother, and husband and that He believes in me. He wants me to share my heart with him every day so He can heal it and fill it with His presence and His love. Now, the Lord is using me like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon to go to the bottom of wounded hearts so that people can receive truth and healing. Today in Costa Rica we are very happy as we are studying and learning to facilitate this powerful ministry. I am sure that my brother must be very happy in heaven to know that he was an instrument that God selected to bring Theophostic Prayer Ministry to Costa Rica." Zelmira Valverde

"Theophostic has been to me an answer from God to my prayers. I have always looked at people acting out from hurt, anger or pain. I kind of knew that inside people had a deep need for God, but I wondered how I could help people the right way. I have found that this ministry is what I was asking for. I prayed for God to be the one who would touch people's lives, instead of me trying to counsel or advise. I have found release from many painful memories myself, and have ministered to people as well. I am thankful for and committed to the work that is being done here in Costa Rica. Since I am an English teacher, I decided to translate some of the training materials into Spanish to make them most useful to me, and that is how my work translating Theophostic training materials started. I feel that this is my call from God. He inspires me and sometimes reveals to me how to put the words together for a better understanding. I am doing translations of the materials we are using for a sixteen-week basic training program. This program has blessed many of us, since it makes clear many details of the ministry. I believe it is wonderful. Doors have opened for many of us here in Costa Rica. Many people are seeing the releasing and healing touch of God through Theophostic. Having training materials translated will bless many others from now on. Praise the Lord." Shirley Segura

"There was a time in my life when I had so much fear, sadness, and depression. These feelings would not let me function in my daily living. I lost happiness and the desire to go on in life. I could not understand why I was feeling that way because I had so many good things around me. The truth is that God has had mercy on me and has been generous with me. Besides knowing Jesus as my Savior, He has given me so many good things in life such as a precious family and economic security. It was then that the ministry of Theophostic was recommended to me as a way to receive healing. I was told that it was not done by a psychologist or a counselor, but by Jesus Christ. My friend, Zelmi Valverde, facilitated the ministry for me. Throughout the ministry session I saw myself in memories of my childhood and teenage years where there was pain and so many emotions that were making me feel so bad. I felt emptiness and in these memories and believed that I was all alone. During the session, Jesus showed me that He was with me and was protecting me, and the fear I had in these memories started to disappear. Then something very impressive happened. I had my eyes closed and suddenly, in my mind, I saw the image of Jesus Christ's feet nailed to the cross with a very large nail penetrating His feet. I saw myself starting to go up to the cross and then I saw Jesus, with one hand, pulling me toward Him. I found myself being embraced by Jesus. This gave me so much peace and joy that whenever I remember this experience, I know that Jesus is taking care of me every moment of my life. I give praise to God for the ministry of Theophostic because through it I was able to understand that God is always with me and He wants to heal my deepest wounds." Felix Castro

These testimonies describe the numerous blessings that can be experienced when people take time to open their hearts to God in prayer and to re ceive from Him. Theophostic Prayer Ministry brings people to the feet of the Lord so that they can spend quiet time with the Lord and allow His light and truth to bring healing and freedom. What is happening in Costa Rica is the fulfillment of God's promise found in Psalm 46 verse 10: Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Let us join together in prayer that the Lord's plan for Theophostic Prayer Ministry in Costa Rica will continue to unfold, that this powerful approach to healing will spread throughout Central America, and that, as a result, God's name will be exalted.

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