Canberra, Australia

Canberra, Australia
Reported by Carol Haslam

I did my first round of TPM training in the year 2000, we were privileged to host Dr Ed Smith at our church here in Canberra, Australia where he presented basic and advanced principles to us.  At that stage my husband and I were just completing training in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy and were establishing our own private practice.  Now seven years on and many revisions of TPM since then we have learned a whole lot more.

Predominantly I use TPM in a professional setting but I am also part of a team who provides TPM for members of our local Church, Vision Christian Fellowship under the Prayer Ministry leadership of Bev Moyle.

Because I get the opportunity to counsel with many people who do not profess Christ as Saviour I also get the opportunity occasionally when I have built relationship with them to offer TPM as a way of resolving distressing issues.  If I get my timing right often they are willing and I have been excited to witness many miracles as the Lord brings His Truth into their lie based thinking and sets them free.  In fact many times I find that non-Christians are "easier" to minister with (or counsel) as they have less preconceived ideas about God and how He works.  Frequently they have less guardian lies and are far less likely to "provide themselves with Truth" than Christians often are.

Although TPM is only a small percentage of the work I do as a counsellor I am always excited when people come to me seeking ministry.  I continually revise the training materials, read and re-read the manuals.  I am grateful for the latest version of training materials as my previous manual had fallen to pieces through overuse!! 

God seems to bring quite complex issues to me both in ministry clients and regular counselling clients and I sometimes become discouraged with the "success" rate as we laboriously weed our way through acres of guardian lies present in these more complex clients.  From time to time I become discouraged to the point of "giving up" (I do receive my own ministry regularly),  it seems that just then God sends me a client whose ministry session looks a lot more like those on the training DVD's, that are such a wonderful resource.  Seeing someone process through easily, discover their painful lies and receive freeing Truth from the Lord, always regenerates my excitement and I continue to use TPM.  I am eagerly looking forward to the release of the new training DVD's which I understand will demonstrate the more complex issues of dissociation and the continual processing of those guardian lies.

It is exciting to be a part of what the Lord is doing through TPM worldwide and to be able to serve Him in this way.

Carol Haslam.
Canberra, Australia
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