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Theophostic Prayer and Research

Critic’s concerns:  Has there been any serious effort on Ed Smith’s part to document the claims he has made about Theophostic Prayer?

Ed Smith’s response: Actually, the testimonies that are listed on this site are only a sampling of the thousands that we receive. These are real people telling their stories.  I have no reason to doubt what they are saying. Several expansive surveys have been taken from nearly 4000 people who have benefited from this prayer approach that strongly suggest people are benefiting. The many case studies provided by different mental health professionals have also shown the same outcomes. You would be right to say that there is no present empirical evidence (such as a comparative study) that proves the efficacy of TPM.  However, this too is in the works and will be released as soon as it is finished. To say that we have done nothing to validate this process is simply not true. 


A few years ago a team of mental health professionals tracked 16 case studies that showed a very strong indication of people’s improving. They were all tested by non-TPM professionals both going in and coming out of the study. Though the research to date concerning TPM is not of the level that is “rock solid” evidence it does have valuable merit.  This study has been published by Dr. Fernando Garzon who is a professor at Liberty University.  The results of this testing can be obtained in the On-Line store at entitled "Pursuing Peace."

The many case studies performed by credible mental health professionals and the expansive surveys all indicate very positive outcomes. There is strong evidence that there is value in this ministry approach that merits extensive research that I believe when complete will provide the empirical evidence that you are asking for. This is type of comparative research is forth coming.

As I stated before, in the early years I made many claims based upon that which I witnessed and believed to be wonderful works of God in people’s lives. I had no idea that there would be people come against these testimonies with such skepticism. Nevertheless, I have backed way off and am very willing to wait for the research to support what is being reported. I am confident that the research will validate what is occurring in people’s lives. At the same time no one can take away what I have personally experienced and know to be true in me and in the lives with whom I am relationally connected.


  As I said, over the last several years there have been some substantial surveys and case studies accomplished so far that seem to suggest a strong correlation between this ministry and people finding lasting resolution. The most recent survey was seeking to discover the effectiveness of TPM as viewed by the ministry recipient. Over 2500 people were surveyed and the results were very positive. All effort was put forth to allow all people whether they had had a good or not so good experience.  The results of this survey was published as a dissertation by Ms. Kimberly Tilley, a doctoral student in California.  This dissertation is posted at














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