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Critic's Concern:  There are some negative things said about TPM on the Internet.  Should we be concerned about this?
Ed Smith's response: 

You should always be concerned about criticism and approach it with a scholarly mind.  You can select any ministry out there and someone has a website that is reporting something negative.  There is a website that takes a very harsh view of TPM.  However, if you look more carefully this same website calls Dr. James Dobson a blasphemer, condemns the American Association of Christian Counselors and a host of other good ministries such as Dr. Larry Crabb.  It is important that you determine who is saying what and on what basis and authority they are saying what they are saying.

It is also very important that you compare what they are saying with what this ministry actually teaches.  So much of what you read is opinion based upon ideas and concepts taken out of context.  I am amazed at what people have said I believe and teach which could never be any further from the truth.  I am a Southern Baptist minister.  I was trained in two Southern Baptist seminaries.  I have not moved away from my conservative roots.

We appreciate any person who comes to us with a spirit of Christian concern and a desire to restore and bring clarity. We have not fully arrived in our understanding of the Scriptures or in how to apply them to the wounded lives of people with whom we seek to minister. Therefore, redemptive criticism and positive suggestions have been very helpful and appreciated in the development and refinement of this ministry.

There are hundreds of websites reporting TPM as a good and viable ministry tool. 

If you do a "Google" search on the Internet you will find a host of websites giving a positive report about Theophostic Prayer. In comparison, only a miniscule number are negative. However, as is often the case the negative ones fall onto the first few pages of the "Google" search giving a false impression that there is much controversy when in fact it is limited to a handful of skeptics and critics. We would ask you to take into consideration the other 15,000 plus links that proclaim that God is using this ministry to release people of the weight and bondage they have carried throughout their lives and not be completely swayed by a few individual's opinions.

Motivation is an Important Factor in What is Reported

When you read the very positive testimonies and websites from the thousands of people who have benefited from this ministry you can quickly surmise that the reason they are giving their report is that they have been helped by this ministry. These reports are based on experience, not just opinion.

Where as, nearly every negative report on the Internet comes from people who have never experienced this ministry and therefore have not benefited and therefore report opinion and not experience. It is important to keep this perspective in mind as you read what others may say.

A few negative opinions should not out weigh thousands of positive reports and testimonies. Please keep in mind that the non-experiential opinions of a few negative voices do not out weigh the ten of thousands of positive ones who have, through experience, found TPM to be a good and helpful ministry.

There is an average of about 1000 people a month making a conscious and informed decision to take the Theophostic Prayer Ministry Basic training. Thousands of people write in giving glorious testimony of what the Lord has done. We ask that you try to keep it all in perspective.
Be sure and download the three FREE chapters from the introductory book Healing Life's Hurts to get a good working knowledge of this ministry approach.

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