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ALL Registration Forms

Theophostic Prayer Ministry Forms
You will need Adobe Reader to open and print some of the these PDF forms. Click Here to download


Reporting in Individually
The requirements for the Theophostic Prayer Ministry Basic Training include:

1) Watched all Basic Seminar sessions on DVD (2007 ed),
2) Read a personally owned copy of the entire Basic Seminar Manual (07 edition)
3) Read a personally owned copy Basic Training Seminar student workbook
4) Watched all 7 Live Ministry Demonstration Sessions Series on DVD
5) Read a personally owned copy Student workbook in the Live Ministry Session Demonstration series
6) Read chapter 6 from "Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer"
7) Completed online test/review or multiple tests that were a part of the 16 Week Study Guides

If you have fulfilled the above requirements then you are entitled to a Gold Seal of Completion to affix to the certificate your received with your training manual. This will be mailed to you when you complete the following form.

>>Basic Record of Completion Form ONLINE! (SUBMIT FORM ONLINE).

Reporting in as a Group

First option: Make sure each person reports individually by filling out the above on-line form.

Second option: You the leader can submit the group all at once for those who have fulfilled all the requirements. Print out the PDF form below and mail it to:TPM Office, 489 Campbellsville, KY 42718
The actual form is posted below for you to view. Click on the "floppy disk" ICON to save it to your computer. Do not try to enter data on this posted form. Save it to your computer and print out a hard copy and mail to:
TPM, PO Box 489, Campbellsville, KY 42719

Or click on the link below this posted form.



General Ministry Forms / Information

Hold Harmless Agreement Forms
 Statement from ministry recipient stating that he or she does not hold the facilitator responsible for session outcomes.

Informed Consent Agreement
Ministry recipient is acknowledging that he or she has been fully informed about what type of ministry he or she is receiving.

Ministry Session Guidelines
Summary of what a TPM session should look like.

Evaluation of Ministry Received
Summary of what a TPM session should look like. Evaluation of Ministry Received Form that facilitator has ministry recipient sign following ministry session.

TPM Promotional Policy

General Guidelines for promoting your TPM Training Event or Ministry

Website Disclaimer
This disclaimer statement must be posted on your website when you use the name Theophostic. You may only use the name Theophostic after you have received written permission from the Trademark owner.
Website Disclaimer

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