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Summary and Instructions

SUMMARY INSTRUCTIONS for GETTING STARTED with the "member's only" website.
1. Go to the "member's only" site. (Click link below)

2. When you arrive at the "IATM member's only" website HOME PAGE, click the "JOIN NOW" link at the top right of the page. Do NOT click the MEMBER LOGIN link in the “members only” site even if you are a former IATM member. You MUST complete the registration page just as if you were a first time member .

3. Once you register you can then logon as a new member using your new USERNAME and PASSWORD. You will benefit much by watching the library of tutorial videos that explains each part of the site. These videos are located in the “Continuing Education” section of the site (see the CONT EDUC link.) Please work through these video tutorials before submitting any “I don't know what to do” or a “What is this button for” questions. The tutorials will answer most of your questions and concerns.

4. Begin by first posting your picture and expanding your "bio" description and other personal/ministry information. All of this can be accomplished on your ACCOUNTS page. You can edit your personal information by selecting "My settings" on your ACCOUNTS page.

5. Watch Ed Smith broadcasting LIVE On-Line on the TPM Broadcast video screen located in the CONTINUING EDUCATION section of the site. He will broadcast LIVE from time to time (about every two weeks) on the TPM Broadcast page to communicate with you, provide training and answer questions about TPM that you may have. The Broadcast room is in the CONT EDUC section. Monitor the HOME PAGE for schedules and other updates.

6. Network and connect with other members with instant messaging (IM), emails, commenting on their PROFILE PAGE, share in discussion forums and communicate in real time in a CHAT room, etc.




When you visit the IATM "member's only" site be sure and watch the first session of the NEW "Dealing with Difficult Cases" seminar that Dr. Ed Smith recorded in Houston Texas. There are a total of 12 sessions in the series, however, the other 11 are only available to IATM members. Details are availble on the "member's only" site.

If you have NOT completed the Theophostic Basic Training Seminar then you will want to do this first since the Dealing with Difficult Cases seminar is based upon your knowledge gained from the Basic Training Seminar. Learn more about training in TPM.



WARNING: The "Member's Only" site is massive and contains many features and learning opportunities. If you are familiar with other social networking sites such as FaceBook or MySpace you should not have much problem. However, there are 18 tutorial videos in the Continuing Education area of the site that will be helpful.

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